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New Conspiracy Theory!*

How did I miss this one? Where were you people? You are supposed to keep me appraised! That’s your job!

Okay, there’s this awesome new conspiracy theory. I haven’t cobbled it entirely together but so far it involves:

1. The Social Security Department of the US Government;
2. The Federal Reserve;
3. The Royal Dutch House of Orange;
4. The Bilderberg Group;
5. Judaism (of course — it’s no good without Jews)

First, look at your social security card. It has a number on the back! When you’re born, you are secretly sold into slavery to a bank. That number tracks your potential life earnings. We are all collateral for the banks. That number is tracked by the Federal Reserve that then puts the money into evil overseas banks promptly depriving you of your Constitutional Rights. Sure, maybe that number has no meaning but how can a number on a card issued from the Government have no meaning!**

If you can end social security you will be free of this bank that owns your soul! And get back some money or something? I’m not clear on that part.

Here’s a good summary of the conspiracy theory I found over here:

I heard an urban legend that the red numbers on the back of the social security card are your EIN, employer ID number. If you’re just a regular John Doe citizen, you’re an employee of the US Corporation, and are in fact yourself a corporation. That’s why you use the number on the front, your employee ID number (SSN). Supposedly, if you have a replacement card issued to you, the number on the back will come in red ink, and you can use it to declare that you’re a soveriegn American and not a citizen OF the United States. Basically the red ink is supposed to symbolize flesh and blood human being. Consequently, corporate entities use black ink, and banks (which operate under the maritime admiralty law of the high seas) use blue to symbolize water. You could use the FedWorker’s explaination of the serial number on the blanks as actually taking ownership of the card. If you use the SSN on the front, that card, per the Social Security Act itself, is the property of the US govt. They can come along and confiscate it at any time, without any reason. Same is true for your SS benefits.

If you use the number on the back, the “tracking number for blank cards” printed in red ink, you’re claiming ownership of the card and the chattel property it represents. You are the chattel property. If you don’t, they “own” you. You’re their chattel property, and you’re being used as collateral on the bankruptcy the US Govt. filed to the international banking houses back in the 1930’s, the time of the great depression.

Then it sort of goes into conspiracy on how it is backed by British Banks in conjunction with the Bilderberg Group who are controlled by the Royal Dutch House of Orange who are, in turn, running an enormous drug cartel and are also, somehow, Jews. It gets sketchy after this point but I can find a few dozen permutations of this on the Internets. Go look it up! Google is your friend!

This is breathtakingly awesome.

Meanwhile, my minions are finding me MORE links:

1. A fun link about STRAWMAN.
2. More about STRAWMAN from a site with an extremely suspicious URL. Nation Wide Shopping Cart 4? Really? But this one is particularly good.
3. Another fine post about STRAWMAN. Now, with a graphic!

Note: I’m free because my card was laminated when I was small. I want to go hide in a small room and write a novel. A STRAWMAN novel. With us all trying to become free of the horrible Royal Dutch House of Orange!


* People who know me — you know, YOU PEOPLE — know that I collect conspiracy theories as a hobby. I have several bookshelves full of nothing but books full of this stuff. I am so excited to learn a new one. OMG! I’m going to EXPLODE!

** Sadly, it turns out through some digging and cross-checking on the Internet that those numbers are paper inventory control. It’s called a sequential control number. There’s some reference to it re: Identity Theft. But perhaps that answer is a lie. A vicious, horrible lie!

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Quick Test

I did the upgrade to Wordpress 2.7.1 through Blue Host’s new tools.  It was really quite painless, but I am checking all my plugins and whatnot.

Nothing to see here but a horde of dancing monkeys.  Dance, monkeys, dance!

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Coffee Maker Query

One of the medications I am on makes me continuously nauseous, so I had to give up drinking coffee because it is too acidic and move entirely over to black and green teas. While this is probably healthier for me, and I am a slave to your bog standard gunpowder green tea and my Adagio Masala Chai, it means that only Eric is drinking coffee in the morning. Making a big pot of coffee for one person is sort of wasteful and Eric would like coffee more on demand in push button format. I ask this question of yea olde list o’ friends:

* Does anyone have a pod-based coffee maker they recommend? Money is not really an object for the coffee maker. I am more interested in making a good cup of coffee over price.

* Is there a good service out there for coffee that is an analogue of Adagio? I would not be able to live without Adagio Teas and if there is a mail-order catalogue service for coffee, I would like to peruse it.

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