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[Gadget Review] Line 6 Pocket POD

Yesterday, Eric bought me a Line 6 Pocket POD from Guitar Center. I had been drooling over it ever since I read the review in the big Musician's Friend catalog. And now it is mine!

What the Heck Is It?

The Pocket POD is a hand-held effects simulator for electric guitars (and any other electric stringed instrument). It comes with 16 effects pedals and 32 amps and cabinets that can be put together in any configuration. It starts stock with over 300 presets, but software to tweak it endlessly is available free from the Line 6 web site. It is fully USB compatible and works as a MIDI in/out instrument to receive messages from control software.

Okay, and?

And it is THE Awesome. You jack in your guitar and your headphones or your amp, and you rock out. It's that simple. We were working with it in minutes. Big compression and reverb sounds were coming out of that thing. It weighs nothing and its tiny, so it fits in a gig bag and clips on to a guitar strap. It is instant awesome on the go.

It has a great menu system. You can pick from STYLE or BAND or SONG or USER. STYLE will get you into the style menu (clean, crunchy, overdrive, distored, effected, etc.) BAND will let you sound like pre-programmed bands. But the best setting, the one that ate up my evening and left my left hand feeling like it had been put into a meat grinder, is the SONG setting. Because you know you cannot resist setting it to the setting IRON MAN and playing the IRON MAN riff.

You can tweak any of the settings for any of the sounds on the front of the device. You can also set up noise gates to muffle static feedback. I haven't actually read the instructions on the thing, so I'm not sure what everything does. I assume it all makes it more awesome.

The best part is that you can jack it into your USB port and either download your own settings or settings (also free) off a big community web site. Doesn't have Green Day? No doubt someone has already done a preset and it's downloadable completely for free.

Honestly, this thing cost slightly more than a regular single-effect BOSS pedal. If you play guitar, you can't not have one of these things.

But does it do Ziggy Stardust?

Yah, but you have to download the preset. I didn't see any David Bowie out of the box.


Yes, it has a RUSH setting. Shoo.

Experiments Forthcoming

I want to put it in an effects chain with my Super Duper Zwooper Wah pedal, because it doesn't come with auto-wah. It does have ping-pong and long delay, and flangers, and ping-pong delay + flangers + big reverb + power chords == hilarity. But the wah or the blues pedal setting might be entertaining. I know you can put it into a chain.

It looks like you can record through it, but I'm not sure how yet or how good it is. But there is only one way to find out.

Anything else?

I trashed my hand playing Pinball Wizard.