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Deepwater Oil Slick

For those not following the story: a huge off-shore deepwater oil drilling rig owned by Transocean and contracted to BP called “Deepwater Horizon” exploded on April 22th. Initially they claimed the disaster was contained but it turns out the rig is spewing oil underwater. According to the White House report (released this morning), 1178 people have been deployed, 76 response vessels are in the area, and five staging areas set up to contain the mess. It’s effecting four states: Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. Yesterday, people in New Orleans claimed smelling intense fumes.

The US has called out the Navy and the Air Force.

Roundup of images and links:

NOAA on Deepwater Incident with a huge list of pdfs and images.

Earth Observatory images from NASA of the slick over several days. The best pictures of the oil slick from space are from the Earth Observatory here.

US Coast Guard Deepwater response videos and photographs.

April 25th, the oil slick from space, close up view, courtesy of MODIS Rapid Response Team, NASA.

NOAA, US Homeland Security, Department of the Interior, US Coast Guard, BP, and Transocean have put up a response page. Looks like it was hastily tossed up on a server at speed but it does link to the press releases. The NOAA site is the best for information.

Some news:

Oil Spill From Sunken Rig May Be Serious from National Geographic.

Pictures; Gulf oil spill larger than thought (Examiner — Dallas). Contains slideshow.

Wall Street Journal on the business effects of the slick (all harshly negative) with more charts.

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