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Faygo, a Love Story

I am not feeling well today, so instead of going to the gym, I went to the deli. I walked in and went to the pop case in the back. There, sitting on the top row, untouched, were glass bottles filled with the elixer of the gods.


Orange Pop and Red Pop and Blackberry and Vanilla Creme.

I could hear the angels sing.

I stood in line for a while with my glass bottle of Vanilla Creme Faygo in hand -- someone had put in an order for 20 reubens. I am unclear what you do with 20 reubens, but I watched the owner of the deli move sauerkraut to bread in big troughs. Once complete, I ordered my little turkey sandwich and waited to pay.

When I got to the register, the owner asked me what I had.

"A turkey croissant and a faygo."
"A faygo?"
I held up my bottle. "A faygo." I swiftly added, "I'm from Detroit."
"Is that any good?" he asked me.
I looked back over all the suits all waiting in line for their boxes full of reubens, leaned forward and hissed, "It's the shit."
"Really," he said.
"Really," I said.
A pause. "My guy just brought it in. Are there any other flavors I should order?" The owner eyed me warily.
I did not hesitate -- nor did I think. "Rock n Rye."
"What does that taste like?"
This struck me as particularly odd. What does Rock n Rye taste like? It's is like asking the taste of blue. I have no idea. I never thought about it. In my life, I have consumed gallons upon gallons of Rock n Rye without ever bothering to ponder it. Rock n Rye tastes exactly like Rock n Rye, and nothing else. I said, "It tastes like Rock n Rye. It's a fine, fine taste. And," I threw in at the end, "if you stock Rock n Rye, I swear I will eat here every single day for eternity."
He actually considered it. "I will tell my guy to order Rock n Rye," he said. "You sure it's good?"
"It's the best," I said.
I don't know if he'll remember, but maybe...

I am now sitting at my desk drinking my Faygo. It clearly says on the label that it was bottled in Detroit. I am in a world of happy.


You know, faygo is also very popular with fans of ICP.
Too bad there aren't huge herds of ICP fans roaming like bison of yore across the Maryland landscape.
I think there's a limit of how many ICP fans you can bag anyhow...
I hear its only one per hunting seasons, and it depends on the number of hunting seasons available in your state. Maryland only has one, sadly. Michigan though -- four! Due to the proximity of Detroit and lame ICP fans.
Oh, I would say there's too many as is.

The short answer was, they had Faygo at Hot Topic a while back, to cater to the aforementioned ICP crewe.
(I've been reading incandescens' work too much. I read "bison of yaoi" for a moment. And that's a bit weird.)
After the whole Vernor's thing, I begin to wonder what the heck is up with Detroit and strange sodas.
STRANGE? Faygo is the shit. And look, above, I said so myself!

You savages. :)

Vernors is also a cure-all, and makes damn fine Boston Coolers.
That's about one zombie or pirate away from being a good RVNN story.
Alright, I gotta ask: what is an RVNN story?

And the next faygo story, I swear, both PIRATES and ZOMBIES.
Woah. I am enlightened. Now I just need Mr. Markus to add me to the community.
I'm SO HAPPY you found Faygo in that cultural wasteland you call home. YAAAAAAAAAAY!
I've got a 2-liter of Rock n Rye and a 2 of Creme soda sitting in my fridge as we speak.

How come I can't find the glass bottles HERE fer chrissakes?
Because it's plentiful and in large quantities and why do you need glass bottles when you can get it in 2-litres from Meijer?

Mmmm. Meijer.
Style. It's all about doing it in style. I still remember when all pop was in glass bottles in these parts...the green Mt. Dew bottle was a part of my teenage life. Pop tastes better out of glass.
I remember the first time I poured some Mountain Dew out of the green glass bottle into a styrofoam cup to share with my brother.

I had never seen it's actual color before.

I was horrified.
Horror is part of the recipe
They distill it from the souls of small children.
So where is this deli? I must go there. I'll tell them I came for the Faygo and could they please stock some Rock n Rye?
Prosperity Deli off Cherry Hill in Silver Spring. Two minutes from my work.
My girlfriend(anghouedd), who is Not From Here, says she knows of this Faygo. When asked if she could define the taste of Rock n Rye, she said she vaguely remembered it being like ginger ale. Is that at all accurate?
Nope. It's kinda fruity-vanillay-raspberry-y kind of rock n rye taste.
If you look at the label (at least on the 2-liter) it says "Creme Cola". You don't actually taste the cola until you are told to look for it, but it's there.
Now you're tempting me to make a pilgrimage to the special store to find some of this stuff.
I am telling you, Faygo Rock n Rye is the shit.